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2018 GMC Denali Sierra 1500 Review, An Owners Perspective. 4k

The Full Octane Garage just purchased the new 2018 GMC Denali Sierra 1500 pick up with the 6.2L V8. Take a ride with us as we share our first impressions of the latest, top of the line truck in the GMC line up!

1 Year with the GMC Denali Sierra 1500, An Owner’s Perspective

Well it has been 1 year and 36K miles since we bought the 2017 GMC Denali Sierra 1500. In this video, we will review the good, the not so good, reliability and costs for the Denali. check out the videos below for related content.

Regen Mode on My 2015 GMC Duramax REALLY STINKS!

The Regen Mode on my 2015 GMC Duramax REALLY STINKS! The truck has a little over 20k miles and I have always noticed a diesel smell in the cab of the truck (mostly when at a stop light) when regen mode is running. I noticed smoke from under the hood at about 10k miles and I took it to the dealer to have a look. They claimed they induced regen mode, let it idle for 30 to 45 mins and could not replicate my problem. They tried to claim the smoke was coming from a label on the pipe that had not been removed.

I took it home and always notice a little smell when in regen mode but now that it is getting cold out for some reason I smell it really bad when stopped and the windows are up. To the point you almost feel sick if you do not open the window.

Another complaint I have is even when I put the A/C on recirculate it still seems to bring in fresh air (in my case smokey air) from my down pipe.

Tonight when I got home I decided had enough and could not take it any longer so I opened the hood and saw smoke again pretty consistent. I decided to look below in the fender-well to find the issue and make a video of it to prove to the dealer there is an issue. Sure enough it looks like a wet diesel area at the joint in the down pipe. It looks like I am off to the dealer again to see what excuse they make up this time.