Pink Floyd Day 8

Day number 8 was the magic day, the body has been separated from the chassis. My friends Ray and Carol along with my wife completed the body removal today without any major incident. I thought today would be an easy day but the body bolts turned out to be very challenging. Some broke, some stripped, so we had to grind off 3 while trying to be sensitive to the amount of heat we were generating around the fiberglass.

We used an engine lift with with the boom fully extended then we put a chain connected across to each of the two lower convertible top brackets and hooked the center of the chain with the lift. While my wife ran the lift while  Ray and I each grabbed a side of the front end to balance it. Once it cleared the engine we rolled the engine lift and body sideways to clear the chassis then rolled the body dolly in it’s place and lowered it right down. Having 4 people and a engine lift was good but we probably should have has one more person for the front end. Lesson learned for the body install in a few months.

Overall it turned out to much less painless then I thought it would be.

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