Project 63 – 4/21 Progress

We made some progress this week on Project 63.  I was able to get the new rear pinion seal installed along with a new front diff mount, new U-Joints, rear transmission seal and a freshly painted drive shaft.

Once I got all of that installed I was able to graft in the new floor section and reconstruct some of the missing tunnel section.  I still need to do some sanding, shaping and finishing to that repair.

I also scraped 35 years of grease from much of the suspension and I treated it with POR 15 and will top coat that with a semi flat back.

I removed the brake master to paint the firewall so I decided to do a rebuild on the master just to find it had bad scoring so I sent the master off to be re-sleeved. I also have a new power brake booster to install.

I remove the steering column to do the firewall repaint and to replace the shaft bearings to find the bearings were so far gone the shaft was grooved, now a new shaft is on order but the column and attachments have been blasted and repainted.

I also decided to replace the exhaust so I cut out the old system which made room for me to scrape and paint much of the underside.

Lots of new parts arrive this week including the new A/C so now I have to finish repainting the engine and engine bay so I can get started on the putting stuff back together part of the plan 🙂

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