Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 1 Tear Down

Tonight marks the beginning (Day 1) of the Project GMC LS-Z57 Tear Down. We were only able to work a few hours but made a pretty good dent in tear down. We removed the front and back glass, gauge cluster, wiring, bench seat and side panel tin.

To my surprise as I peel the truck back the body is in very good shape rust wise. I have not has one sticky bolt or screw yet though I will have some metal work to do where the dash was cut out for a radio and the doors where speakers we installed.

I also decided to go with the chassis that will accept all of the C4 drive-train from my 1988 Z-51 donor parts car. I sent off the deposit this weekend so now comes the wait. It will take about 3 weeks to build then I have to wait until the end of may for it to arrive. As you can see I have plenty to do while I am waiting on the new chassis.