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Project LS-57 Project Update 9/23/18


Project Z57 GMC Chassis from RR Frames has arrived

The new custom built Chassis from RR Frames arrived for Project Z57 GMC last night. This is built to accept C4 Corvette suspension and running gear and an LS2. Now I guess I need to get busy πŸ™‚

Project Z57 (1957 GMC) Back From Media Blast

We picked up the truck from media blast today and to our surprise most of the body was in really nice shape. Well at least the important parts, the back fenders were pretty rough and the doors could use a little work but overall it looks great.

Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 5 Tear Down – Mar 17, 2017

OK, it is now day 5 and we have completed the final tear down. The only parts left now are the parts we will not be using for the build.

Craigslist here I come, chassis, engine, trans and drive train. Time to move this stuff on to the next owner πŸ™‚

Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 4 Tear Down – Mar 16, 2017

We completed removing all of the parts today that we plan to use and the parts have been delivered to media blast. Now the week or two wait πŸ™‚

Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 3 Tear Down – Mar 15, 2017

Well we are on Day number 3 (I should say night number 3) of Project GMC LS-Z57 tear down. My friend Allen Pezo came by last night to help speed up the tear down progress so we can get the body to media blast this week. We made GREAT progress last night and later today will be the last part which is lifting the cab off the chassis. Here is a short video of a walk around after tear down.

There were only 3 bold that broke off and everything else mostly came off very easy. You have to love a truck from California.

The only rust I have found and it is very minor is in the back of the lower passenger fender. The rest is just light surface rust.

So it has been 3 nights to get to this point. You will see we did not remove the bed sides or steps because we are making it a short bed so I already have brand new sides and steps.

Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 2 Tear Down – Mar 14, 2017

We made a little more progress on the tear down tonight. So far no surprises, no rust and almost all of the bolts and screws are coming out easy.

WeΒ did the following tonight:

  • Removed all of the mechanicals and glass from the doors
  • Removed the doors
  • Finished cleaning everything out from under the dash
  • Removed the fuel tank
  • Removed all the trim
  • Removed Β the head lights and buckets
  • Vacuumed it out

Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 1 Tear Down

Tonight marks the beginning (Day 1) of the Project GMC LS-Z57 Tear Down. We were only able to work a few hours but made a pretty good dent in tear down. We removed the front and back glass, gauge cluster, wiring, bench seat and side panel tin.

To my surprise as I peel the truck back the body is in very good shape rust wise. I have not has one sticky bolt or screw yet though I will have some metal work to do where the dash was cut out for a radio and the doors where speakers we installed.

I also decided to go with the chassis that will accept all of the C4 drive-train from my 1988 Z-51 donor parts car. I sent off the deposit this weekend so now comes the wait. It will take about 3 weeks to build then I have to wait until the end of may for it to arrive. As you can see I have plenty to do while I am waiting on the new chassis.

Project 57 Has Arrived

It has been a long wait but the 1957 GMC arrived from California today. The body is in better shape than I had anticipated.


Fresh 6.0 Aluminum and a Fresh 5.3 Arrived

I have been on the hunt for two LS motors for my two truck projects. A friend swapped out his freshly built 5.3 for a 6.0 so when he offered the 5.3 for sale I bought it. This motor will be installed in the 1950 Five Window Chevy truck.

Another friend had a fresh LS2 6.0 aluminum and he was upgrading to a LS7 so when his motor became available I bought it to go in my 1957 GMC project.