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SOLD – 1950 Chevy 3100 5 Window Restomod Truck

Up for sale is a 1950 Chevy five window truck, this is a fresh restoration with lots of new metal. This truck drives awesome!

1950 Chevy 5 Window Truck Project Update 6/18/17

We have been making a little progress on the 50 Five Window. I am hoping just a few more nights and I will be able to fire it up.

I keep thinking I am 2 more weeks away and that keeps happening every 2 weeks 🙂

I need to get this one completed because the new custom chassis comes in next week for my 1957 GMC project 🙂

I finally made some decent progress this weekend and actually got it back down on the wheels. I have the engine bay just about complete, wood for the bed is sealed ready to install, made seat brackets and got the seats installed and completed all of the electrical and A/C. The electrical was a pain because I decided to mount the fuse box and computer under the passenger seat and I had to extend a lot of wires.

I was able to keep the engine bay pretty clean, installed all of the wiring under the passenger front fender and have a drop out battery box under the passenger floor.

I had to try 3 different pipes before I was finally able to get the air intake route to work, it was very tight up against my radiator fan. I still need to fab up a support bracket for the intake piping.

1950 Chevy Five Window Progress Update 03/27/2017

We are making a little more progress on the 50. We got the LS harness all installed and mounted the computer under the passenger seat. We also mounted the fuse box behind the passenger seat and will route all of the wiring under the truck and back up inside the front wheel well to get up to the dash.

We have all of the A/C lines completed and unit installed under the dash. Now we have to do duct work and wiring.

The truck is now on the lift up in the air to complete the wiring and driveshaft install.

1950 Chevy Five Window Progress Update 03/20/2017

We are finally back on the 50 Five Window project again and have made some good progress.

Over the weekend we had to finish up painting a few small items. We painted the front bumper filler, a hood support, hold hold down and the Vintage Air A/C under dash vents. The vent under the dash comes in a textured black plastic so we decided to sand it smooth and paint it the color of the body. It looks so much better now.

  • Installed the door latches finally got the doors to close properly.
  • Finished hanging the under dash portion of the vintage air, had to make all the brackets since there were none.
  • Drilled holes and installed the side mirrors

I still need to figure out how the windows and tracks go back in the doors, that is a project for another day 🙂

1950 Five Window Update

1950 Five Window Update picture

1950 Chevy Truck F-Body Manifold Modification For LS

It was time to start thinking about the exhaust manifold for the LS 5.3 we dropped into our 1950 Chevy Truck project. The frame is very narrow and we were determined to have a 2 joint steering column. The stock cast iron 5.3 truck manifolds did not come close to working so we borrowed a friends rear drop block hugger headers and those also did not work.

We had stock set of F-Body Firebird manifolds which were steel instead of cast so we tried to fit them in and the passenger side was fine and the drivers side was very close but the O2 sensor and bung were hitting the steering shaft. I figured if I could cut out the O2 bung and weld in a replacement section with a slight indentation it should clear fine. We did just that and we also moved the O2 bung more towards the front and inside of the engine and it clears great now.

While we were welding we cut off all of the emissions provisions and welded plugs in so it looks like they were never there.

Here is the scoop on the drivers side. As you an see when it had the shield and O2 bung in place the single steering rod would not clear.


1950 Chevy Five Window Progress Update 01/15/2017

Here is a quick walk around video of the progress on our 1950 Chevy Truck Restorod project as of 1/15/17.


Retrofit Modern Gauges in 1950 Chevy Truck

We decided to Retrofit Modern Gauges in our 1950 Chevy Truck project but it turned out to be a bit more complicated that we had anticipated. The Dolphin gauges use a 5 inch so when we went to install them in the truck dashboard they went right through the hole. At that point we posted some questions on the forums and a few owners suggested a new bezel and mount kit from Classic Instruments.

We ordered the parts and the Dolphin gauges fit perfectly and the new bezel fits the dash nicely. The mounting kit, not so much. We had to do some bending to make the mounting brackets match up to the studs that stick out of the dash but they are thin metal which is fairly easy to bend.

Bottom line is the Classic Instruments kit will work with the Dolphin Gauge set.

The parts required can be found on the Classic Instruments web site.

47-53 Chevy Truck Bezel- Available is all series part#BZ4753 (Note you will need to order TWO of these even though they are pictured in a pair) Ask me how I learned this 🙂

47-53 GM Pickup Mounting Kit part #MTBRGMK (One kit for 2 holes)

This picture shows the adapter ring installed on the left gauge.


ICT Billet High Mount Narrow Bay AC Bracket Review (LS1/LS2/LS3 or Vortec 5.3) Part #551352-3

We had bought an ICT Billet A/C Bracket part# 551494-3 and installed iton a 5.3 Vortec LS engine but unfortunately I did not measure where my inner fender wells would line up and when I went to install them the 508 style compressor hits.

A quick call into ICT Billet and I found option number two, a part number 551352-3 which seems to have better clearance but they only issue is I now need to use a mini style Sanden 7176 compressor.

The good news is ICT Billet is willing to help us out on a return based on my application error 🙂

Here are a few video’s of my results.


Eastwood Brake Tube Flaring Tool Review (Item #25304)

This is a non-sponsored review of the Eastwood Brake Tube Flaring Tool (Item #25304). This is the firs time we used the tool and it is worth every penny of the $189.99 price tag. This is a great tool for the DIY home mechanic or professional. Easy to use and almost fool proof.