Retrofit Modern Gauges in 1950 Chevy Truck

We decided to Retrofit Modern Gauges in our 1950 Chevy Truck project but it turned out to be a bit more complicated that we had anticipated. The Dolphin gauges use a 5 inch so when we went to install them in the truck dashboard they went right through the hole. At that point we posted some questions on the forums and a few owners suggested a new bezel and mount kit from Classic Instruments.

We ordered the parts and the Dolphin gauges fit perfectly and the new bezel fits the dash nicely. The mounting kit, not so much. We had to do some bending to make the mounting brackets match up to the studs that stick out of the dash but they are thin metal which is fairly easy to bend.

Bottom line is the Classic Instruments kit will work with the Dolphin Gauge set.

The parts required can be found on the Classic Instruments web site.

47-53 Chevy Truck Bezel- Available is all series part#BZ4753 (Note you will need to order TWO of these even though they are pictured in a pair) Ask me how I learned this 🙂

47-53 GM Pickup Mounting Kit part #MTBRGMK (One kit for 2 holes)

This picture shows the adapter ring installed on the left gauge.


This picture shows the adapter ring.


This picture shows the adapter ring being installed onto the gauge.


This picture shows the adapter ring installed on the left gauge plus the mounting hardware.


This is a picture of the adapter ring installed and the rear mounting racket from the dolphin gauge installed along with the Classic Instruments mounting tabs. Not the mounting tabs on the right of the picture have been bent inward to line up with the dash studs. The left side still needs to be bent.


This is a back side shot showing how the mounting tabs need to be bent.