1950 Chevy 5 Window Truck Project Update 6/18/17

We have been making a little progress on the 50 Five Window. I am hoping just a few more nights and I will be able to fire it up.

I keep thinking I am 2 more weeks away and that keeps happening every 2 weeks 🙂

I need to get this one completed because the new custom chassis comes in next week for my 1957 GMC project 🙂

I finally made some decent progress this weekend and actually got it back down on the wheels. I have the engine bay just about complete, wood for the bed is sealed ready to install, made seat brackets and got the seats installed and completed all of the electrical and A/C. The electrical was a pain because I decided to mount the fuse box and computer under the passenger seat and I had to extend a lot of wires.

I was able to keep the engine bay pretty clean, installed all of the wiring under the passenger front fender and have a drop out battery box under the passenger floor.

I had to try 3 different pipes before I was finally able to get the air intake route to work, it was very tight up against my radiator fan. I still need to fab up a support bracket for the intake piping.