Floyd – Week 15 (Frame repair COMPLETE)

As week 15 comes to a close we made great progress on the rust repair in the frame. There was a little more damage than I originally thought but welder Dave did a great job fixing up the bad areas with new steel. We also ended up installing a new rear cross member. I have included several pictures below of the frame while we had it cut open for repair.

We were able to coat all of the parts Debby has been sand blasting including the frame with POR 15 to protect them from rust.  We have parts hanging all over the place on coat hangers in the paint area. I am hoping to get a top coat of the simi-flat black tomorrow and hopefully later this week I can start putting the driver train together. We also have to paint the engine and a few other items Chevy Orange.

I tried to get the flywheel resurfaced just to find out it was too far gone. Not a bad thing, $45 to resurface and it was only $86 for a brand new one.

Still have lots of new parts arriving, ordered a stainless brake line kits with a dual master cylinder. Also got my new 1 inch lower springs and a 1 inch drop block kit. We are going to see what the car looks like lowered 2 inches.

The body is in the 3rd application of primer so it is getting real close for paint. I picked up the Torch Red paint with Polar white for the side coves. The color is going to look awesome.


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