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I Paid The Porsche Tax!!! (Strange Car Story)

You buy a Porsche 911 then to your surprise there is a Porsche Tax. This is a story of the pain of learning about the Porsche Tax.

The NewTrailer Build Is Complete

The new trailer build was completed today, now I just waiting on it leaving Ga and arriving in TN!

Project 63 gets an engine

Well it is getting close now, we got the engine back from the machine shop this week so this weekend project 63 got an engine and a new 5 speed transmission. I am down to the last few things, install the exhaust, fill up the fluids, bleed the brakes and it is ready for initial fire up. Hopefully we will have the bumpers back from chroming this week then we will be on the road next weekend.

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Project 63 Paint Progress

The paint is starting to look great! It is totally amazing at how bad you have to make the new lacquer paint look with the color sanding process before the final polishing can be done.

Project 63 got some color today!

Project 63 got some color today! Pictures of Dennis doing the final shooting.

2014 Corvette next to 1960 Corvette

All I can say is WOW! A friend from the GM plant had a pre-production 2014 C7 Corvette out at Cars and Coffee today.

We get some nice pictures with our 60, I think this one might be on the list to buy but maybe in red.

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Project 63 gets primer

Project 63 got some primer this weekend.

Project 63 gets a some new skin and bling

Well while we had the transmission out for a 5 speed sway we decided to go ahead and rebuild the numbers matching 327. Unfortunately that is adding 4 weeks to the project so while I have some down time we decided to repaint the car and have the bumpers re-chromed.

At some point the car had a 3rd tail light and when they were removed the repair job was not so good so I got the old repair out and did a proper fiberglass graft. The rest of the glass was in very good shape requiring just minor repairs.



A Little noise leads to a 5 speed and Engine Rebuild :)

Well, a little noise that I could not diagnose leads to a 5 speed and Engine Rebuild 🙂 While the new 5 speed is on it’s way I decided to drop the oil pan and put a new rear seal in. When I got the oil pan off I found the bottom of one of the pistons was varnished so I figured it was time for a rebuild.

Debby and I got the engine torn down last night and I dropped it off at the machine shop today and it looks like it will be out for 3 to 4 weeks 🙁

Project 63 – Interior Progress Update 5/13/13

I am finally making good progress on the interior. I was able to get the Second Skin heat mat down and I got the whole rear compartment other than the storage trey installed last night.

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