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Wait, That’s My Car! (Strange Car Stories)

Wait, That’s My Car! Do you know where your car is? This episode is the story that will make you think twice before you leave your cool car at a repair shop!

I Paid The Porsche Tax!!! (Strange Car Story)

You buy a Porsche 911 then to your surprise there is a Porsche Tax. This is a story of the pain of learning about the Porsche Tax.

A “Cheap” Ferrari 550 Maranello (Strange Car Stories)

Episode 2 of our Strange Car Stories segment.
Ouch, a $50,000 Mistake! This is a story of an old friend finding a deal that was too good to be true on a Cheap Ferrari 550 Maranello. This is the story of a hard lesson learned by someone who was eager to get a great deal on an exotic car.