Pink Floyd Has A Body!

The body and frame finally came back together as one today. The only thing left of Pink Floyd is the old hood hanging on the wall of my garage which reads Dark Side so I think that may be the new project name. Everything fit great but I did have to trim the inner fenders for the Meyers front end and I also did have to cut out the bottom of my ashtray to make room for the 5 speed Tremac. Now it is just putting all of the parts back on.

Even with the 1 inch drop springs in the rear the back end is still sitting higher than I would have expected. Hopefully once all the parts go back on and the springs settle a bit it will level out some. I tried to install a 1 inch lowering block but it move the traction bar forward an inch and I could not get it back in so I scrapped that plan for now. I may end up having to shorten my traction bar if I really need to use them.

Thanks to the who team of folks who helped me put the body back on today!

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