Project GMC LS-Z57 – Day 3 Tear Down – Mar 15, 2017

Well we are on Day number 3 (I should say night number 3) of Project GMC LS-Z57 tear down. My friend Allen Pezo came by last night to help speed up the tear down progress so we can get the body to media blast this week. We made GREAT progress last night and later today will be the last part which is lifting the cab off the chassis. Here is a short video of a walk around after tear down.

There were only 3 bold that broke off and everything else mostly came off very easy. You have to love a truck from California.

The only rust I have found and it is very minor is in the back of the lower passenger fender. The rest is just light surface rust.

So it has been 3 nights to get to this point. You will see we did not remove the bed sides or steps because we are making it a short bed so I already have brand new sides and steps.