Pink Floyd Before

In 2012 I decided I wanted to restore a C1 corvette for my 50th birthday so my journey began 🙂

I looked on craigs list, ebay and the Corvette  Forum and I came across two Corvettes from the same seller in San Antonio Texas so on a plane I went. When I left I know 100% Pink Floyd was NOT the car I was coming home with 🙂

When I got down to Texas we put the car I wanted on a lift and notices it has been hit in the rear in the past so that one was out. Next against my better judgement we put the car “formally known as Pink Floyd up on a lift and it looked like a good donor car so a deal was made.

The is what Pink Floyd. the 1960 Corvette looked like when I saw it in Texas.

Think about it, if you saw this car what would you do? Keep in mind I had never built a car from the ground up.