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DIY Steering Wheel Restoration on a budget with professional results!

Our 1960 C1 Corvette Steering Wheel was in bad shape so we decided to do a Steering Wheel Restoration on a budget. We made a short video outlining the process which delivered outstanding results.

We used a product called QuickSteel Epoxy Putty to fill the cracks and damaged areas. We then used a high build primer and shot the wheel with PPG Acrylic Enamel paint.

Full Octane Garage Now Offers Corvette Replacement Chassis

We are now the proud Nashville distributor for Chassis Concepts replacement Corvette Chassis to fit C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes. Our complete rolling chassis starts in the $14,000 range. Please contact us to spec out your new chassis today!


C1/C4 Corvette Replacement Conversion Frame

Pink Floyd Before

In 2012 I decided I wanted to restore a C1 corvette for my 50th birthday so my journey began 🙂

I looked on craigs list, ebay and the Corvette  Forum and I came across two Corvettes from the same seller in San Antonio Texas so on a plane I went. When I left I know 100% Pink Floyd was NOT the car I was coming home with 🙂

When I got down to Texas we put the car I wanted on a lift and notices it has been hit in the rear in the past so that one was out. Next against my better judgement we put the car “formally known as Pink Floyd up on a lift and it looked like a good donor car so a deal was made.

The is what Pink Floyd. the 1960 Corvette looked like when I saw it in Texas.

Think about it, if you saw this car what would you do? Keep in mind I had never built a car from the ground up.

SOLD – 1956 Corvette Resto-mod $149,000.00

56 crop

Corvette Montage

Pink Floyd’s New Jorney

Pink Floyd begins it’s New Journey from Texas to Brentwood Tn. We are looking forward to the arrival.

photo-1-1 photo-1-2

Pink Floyd Day 1

Sunday March 25th 2012 began the Pink Floyd restoration and face lift. Debby and I worked most of the day setting up a staging area along with a labeling and documentation system. When we took the drives door apart we found a small surprise, had a little missing fiberglass at the top that I will need to reconstruct but no big deal. The other issue is removing the screws holding in the passenger door striker, I may have to drill them out.

More news tomorrow.

Pink Floyd Day 2

Day 2 (well night 2) was a short day but we made good progress on removing the interior.

Pink Floyd Day 3

We made a lot of progress on day 3 of tear down. We finished up removing the bumpers, the trunk, rear deck lid and finished up stripping out the mechanical s from the passenger door. I bought a steering wheel puller but the bolts were too short so hopefully tomorrow I can get the wheel off and finish up getting the dash out. Off to bed now, more tomorrow.


Pink Floyd Day 4

It was a short night tonight. We were able to remove the parking brake, hood release and dash cluster.

I also put some stuff on Craig s list and already sold some of it. I met with another Corvette enthusiast this afternoon and I sold the motor and Hurst Shifter. Now I just have a nice hood and wing to sell 🙂 I also have a buyer for the side pipes and headers.