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1963 Corvette Split Window (Project Second Chance)

Well it seems I am a gluten for punishment, I am back for my 4th build since 2012. At the end of each build I keep saying this will be my last but the projects keep finding me. I am sure some of you know how that goes 

For now I am calling this Project Second Chance because I am the second builder attempting to complete it 

This car is not new to the forum but it is new to me. My good friend Matt (TNVetteGuy) started this project just under 2 years ago and he started posting progress pictures on 9/24/15. He stripped the car down, had it soda blasted, bought a lot of cool parts and he made a good amount of progress on the car. Then his priorities changed a little so we worked out a deal and the car now has a what I call a Second Chance at completion.

I have big plans for the car but I am still on the fence on color. My other 3 Corvettes are red so everyone thinks my paint gun only sprays red. I am thinking it will be either Torch Red or I am thinking of Watkins Glenn Gray. We have never spayed metallic so we are a little concerned on how it will turn out. We have Touch Red down to a science and know we can make it look awesome. Both of them will have a red interior.