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What’s New At The Full Octane Garage (12/2/18 Update)

Full Octane Garage Project Updates (1933 Auburn is in paint)

Atlanta Motor Speedway Autorama April 22 & 23

The folks with the Atlanta Motor Speedway did an awesome multi-page article on Debby’s 31 Auburn in the Grease Magazine for the upcoming Motorama on Apr 22 & 23. Very cool.

2017 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Citrus Meet

2017 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Citrus Meet & Boca Raton Concours d’elegance

Gas Tank Leak? Red Kote Gas Tank Sealer Review & Application

We shot a fairly detailed video of building a new fuel tank and showing a Red Kote Fuel Tank Sealer Review & Application process.

2016 October Wilson County Bank Car Show & Fall Fest

Here are some pictures of the great cars that showed up for the 2016 October Wilson County Bank Car Show & Fall Fest. There were 474 cars present so we may have missed a few 🙂

1931 Auburn brought home the Presidents Choice best in show award

We had a great time at the Wilson County Car show on Sunday. Full Octane Garage’s recent project which is a 1931 Auburn brought home the Presidents Choice best in show award (not bad out of 470 great cars to choose from) and best in class. It was a nice surprise from the great group of folks who put on the show. Congratulations to Debby!
Thanks to Dennis Pett for helping make it look great for the recent shows!img_9992

1931 Auburn at the 2016 Atlanta Concours

We had a fun time with the 1931 Auburn at the 2016 Atlanta Concours last weekend. We wanted to share a few pictures and we will have a few youtube videos coming shortly.


1931 Auburn – Getting ready for Atlanta Concours

For the past month we have been hard at work getting the 1931 Auburn ready for the Atlanta Concours. We started by cleaned and stripping any old loose paint on the chassis and laying down a fresh coat of black. Next we cleaned, stripped and sanded the engine and repainted it with a fresh coat of green paint. There were several areas around the fender trip that was beat up from road rash so we had a color match done and we cleaned up and re-shot the red trim on the rear fenders. We also had several areas where the blue needed to be re-shot so we took car of that while we ere this far into it.

1931 Auburn Overheating

The 1931 Auburn is a new addition to our collection and since it has arrived we have been chasing an issue with the 1931 8-98 Lycoming overheating.

The last owner wanted to convert it to electronic ignition so they installed a Chrysler 2642460 distributor which as far as I can tell is out of an old  Chrysler 318 or 340 and as I looked into it the Chrysler distributor originally turns clockwise. So I started looking at the Lycoming 8-98 and the firing order has it turning counter clock wise.

I then looked at the firing order on the plug wires on the distributor as installed and when installed in the Auburn the distributor turns counter clockwise. This confirms I have a timing issue becasue rather than advancing the timing at speed it is retarding ignition since it is turning backwards.

I tool a look at the replacement distributor in our 1933 Auburn Lycoming 8-105 and I noticed it has a similar distributor but it is designed to turn counterclockwise. I am going to swap it into the 1933 to see if that solves the problem.  Unfortunately the distributor in the 1933 has no part numbers so I am struggling to find out what it is out of.

Now to track down another one to match the correct one or find an original dual point distributor.

This is the Chrysler 2642460 distributor in the 1931 Auburn designed to turn clockwise and incorrect for the Lycoming