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Cancel Save changes Only $363.00 Per Year To Insure My Porsche 911

Do not let the cost of insurance get in the way of buying your DREAM CAR! You will be surprised to find out how inexpensive it is to insure a collector car.

These estimates were run with a $500 deducible.

Which Cost More To Insure (Toyota Prius or Porsche Cayenne)

Which Cost More To Insure (Toyota Prius or Cayenne)

This is a quick video to show you Insurance costs are not always what you assume. We compared the insurance rates we paid on a 2015 Prius vs. the rates we pay on the 2015 Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche 911 DIY Wheel Spacer Installation (Wide Body)

This is a video showing how easy it is to add a little attitude to your 911/997 Porsche Carrera S by adding 15mm spacers in the rear and 7mm spacers to the front.

Rear 15mm

DIY Porsche Cayenne Key FOB Battery Replacement

A key FOB Battery cost HOW MUCH! DIY Porsche Cayenne Key FOB Battery Replacement.

You will be shocked at how much mark up Batteries Plus is tacking on you your car FOB Remote battery. We hope this short tutorial helps you put a few dollars back in your pocket.

Be proactive and buy your batteries now and replace them annually for as cheap as they are. Please support our page and use the following link to make your Amazon purchase:

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DIY – $10.00 Porsche 911 Exhaust Mod (AKA Fister and Gundo Hack)

This is a video showing you how to improve the sound of your 911 (997.1) Exhaust for under $10.00 with the Full Octane Exhaust Mod (AKA Fister and or Gundo Hack).

As part of this video we have included a Porsche 911 Exhaust 101 along with a detailed explanation on how the Full Octane Mod (AKA Fister and or Gundo Hack) works.

We have included step by step instructions, feel free to ask us any questions.