50 Chevy Truck Body Progress

We finally got back to work on the 1950 Chevy 5 window truck project this week. Today Dennis spent a bunch of time prepping the majority of the body panels for some Slicksand high build primer. Dennis put down about 3/4 of a gallon and it is now drying overnight before he starts to do some block sanding.

This truck is going to look great and it should blow away Gas Monkey Garage’s old Chevy (3 window) truck that they just sold for $150,000 🙂

Tonight I will move onto doing some work getting the chassis ready to drop the body on once it is painted.

20161013_164839 20161013_164845 20161013_164855 20161013_164900

The center of the top looks like it had a light at one point and it rusted underneath. We had to cut out a section of roof and replace it.


Tacked in the new metal



Lots of hammering and shrinking to get rd of the oil can effect.



Now for some filler.